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Frequently Asked Questions

Please browse the FAQ before contacting Toontown Content Pack support Discord server.

Why aren't Content Packs downloading?

Sometimes Google Chrome will prevent people from downloading things from unverified websites. You may have to switch web browsers in order to download Content Packs. Try Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Safari. Content Packs are safe, and have been trusted by thousands of players for many years.

How do I install Content Packs?

Every Content Pack uploaded onto this website includes a PDF with instructions on how to install Content Packs. All you'll have to do is unzip it by double clicking the .zip file to extract the files to your Windows PC or Mac. If you get stuck, please feel free to join the official Toontown Content Pack Discord server to be walked through installation.

How do I get my Content Pack uploaded onto Community Packs?

All you need to do is read this document.

Why do I crash every time I use a Content Pack?

In the options menu in Toontown Rewritten, there is a toggle where you can set the texture size limit to 512x512. Content Packs with large textures will make your game crash, no matter how powerful your computer is. Check to see if you have the most recent version of your content pack of choice, but if you don't know, delete the Content Pack (or move elsewhere) and re-download it. Textures should never be above 1024x1024, but should average out at 512x512. After updating your Content Pack and still with no luck, please contact our Support Staff in the official Toontown Content Packs Discord Server.

How do I edit RGB files?

Click here to see a written tutorial.

Can I borrow textures from another Content Pack for my own Content Pack?

Please contact the creator of the Content Pack to see if you can borrow textures. Stealing is prohibited.

Can I stream/upload videos with Content Packs?

Yes. Credit isn't necessary, but it is appreciated.

Note: Content Packs may contain copyrighted music. Content Pack creators are not responsible for music related copyright claims, or loss of revenue if YouTube or Twitch revoke the rights to monetize a video.

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